About Us

By providing an easier-to-book shuttle service in USA for a group of people who have common interests and social affinity to each other, Pronto Shuttles has set out to redefine Social Group Travel and make it more fun, safe, and dependable.

From public events like sporting event or concert, to private events for friends and / or family like wine-tasting, sightseeing, and casino outing, our service covers a wide range of group travel experiences.

#DoMoreTogether is the driving principle behind everything we do as you get an opportunity to enjoy and connect with friends, coworkers and family as well as make new friends during the journey.

We offer two main types of services

  • Event shuttles for Sporting Events, Concerts & Other Public Events:

    We offer our own curated event shuttle services for football games, concerts, etc. Book Your Seat on one of the shuttles and #DoMoreTogether with other fans. By choosing to book your seat on the Pronto Event Shuttle, here is what you gain:

    1. Enjoy the ride with people from your own neighborhood who share your interests

    2. Enjoy priority entry and exit to avoid the rush at select events

    3. Enjoy the journey and the experience that is enhanced and enriched with trivia, quizzes, and fun games on the way

  • Crowd-sourced Event Shuttles for Social Groups - Friends, Family, Co-workers

    With the Book My Own Shuttle option, we offer the first social group shuttle booking platform to enable and empower you as a group leader to self-organize travel for your events. Just set up the trip and reach out to your tribe using the platform and Pronto will take care of the rest. With no up-front payment or commitment, you have nothing to lose - and a lot to gain. Here's what the Pronto platform does for you:

    1. Helps you and members of your group send invitations for the trip; your friends send invitations to their friends, etc.

    2. Signups for the trip; watch them grow virally

    3. Drive the price per person lower with each new signup; the platform is working on your behalf

    4. Sends out final booking confirmations

    5. Collection of payments from each person

    6. Finds the operator best positioned to deliver the service and negotiates the rates

    7. Takes care of payment to the operator, and

    8. Handles the shuttle operation on the day of your event

Our Experience

We launched ProntoShuttles in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 and since then we have served more than 60,000 people attending sporting events, concerts and other large-scale events in the Bay Area. Pronto Shuttles 2.0, launched in July 2018, is a platform that lets you set up your event and with the platform's crowd-sourcing and social media hooks you can quickly extend and expand your reach to your friends, coworkers and family virally to make your event a success. The Platform addresses the $15B Event Services - sporting events, concerts - market and $29B Activity - Services - Theme Parks, Sightseeing, skiing / snowboarding, white water rafting, wine / beer tasting - market.