Why Book Your Own Shuttle With Pronto

Experience The Best Of Social Group Travel

Eliminate logistical hassles

  • Gave up on a group outing because you don’t know who will take the lead?
  • Not sure which date is most suitable?
  • Don’t know how many people will sign up?
  • Who is collecting the money and who’s paying upfront?
  • Trouble finding and connecting with those who share your interests?

ProntoShuttles: A Unique Social Group Travel Booking Platform

ProntoShuttles.com is the first booking platform that addresses each and every aspect of planning, managing and orchestrating a Social Group Travel Event. It puts you in complete charge of your Event Shuttle:

  • Create and set up your Event Shuttle — including routes, pickup locations and schedules;
  • Send invitations to friends and family;
  • Accept invitations as they roll in and
  • Once requisite number of sign-ups have been received, handle the transportation logistics for the entire group automatically — including finding a Pronto affiliate — out of our nation-wide Pronto Affiliate Network (ProntoNet™) of 6,000+ affiliates — at the right and most cost-effective vehicle for your group; and
  • Collect payment from each group member upon completion of the shuttle ride.


Leverage The Volume Purchasing Power Of Your Social Group

The platform shares with you and all the participants cost projections — $ per person — based on the total headcount. When you create an Event Shuttle, you decide the minimum # of people joining the event for it to be a 'Go'. You also decide the Date — Go/No Go Date — by which you want the minimum # of people signed up. After you create the Shuttle, share it with friends and family by e-mail and social media inviting them to Join the Shuttle. They, in turn, can reach out to their friends and family and extend the invitation to Join The Shuttle.

When you enter a number in the 'Minimum # of People' field and once you have set up the route and pickup locations for your trip the platform will show you the $ per person. As you adjust the Minimum # of People number you will see the change in $ per person. Once you are comfortable with the Minimum # of People and $ Per Person combination for the pickup locations you have chosen you can publish the event. The price that is displayed is 'not to exceed' price. You will also see the price chart showing how the $ per person will drop as more people join the event.

Activate Your Network And Drive The $/Person Down

Encourage people in your immediate circle to reach out to their circle of friends/ family/coworkers to expand your Network and drive the $ per person down even further.

Public Event v Private Event

One of the key decisions you will be making as the Event Manager is whether you want to make your event a Public Event — which anyone can join — or a Private Event — which only people who have been invited would be allowed to Join.