Crowd-Sourced Event Shuttles

Creating Unique Social Group Travel Experiences

How Crowd-sourced Event Shuttle booking works...

Once you have published your Event Shuttle it is OPEN for booking. If it is a Private Event Shuttle then only the people receiving invitations would be able to Book the Seat on that Shuttle. If it is a Public Event Shuttle then anyone who finds / discovers the Event while searching on the site or on the Internet would be able to Book the Seat on that Shuttle.

The Shuttle remains in the OPEN state until the number of sign-ups for the Shuttle has reached the Minimum # of People number specified. Once the Event has reached or exceeded the Minimum # of People number it is a GO and becomes a LIVE Event.

Book My Seat : If the Shuttle is in the OPEN state - and not Live yet - when you or anyone else Book your Seat you are merely expressing an Interest in booking the seat when the Shuttle becomes Live.

If the Go / No Go Date has come and gone and if the # of sign-ups is below the specified Minimum # of People number for the Shuttle then the Shuttle is a NO GO. We will notify you and all the people who had signed-up for the Shuttle that it is a NO GO.

Live Event :Live Event : When you see an event shuttle is Live, it means that Shuttle booking is confirmed and it is a GO. We will notify you and all the participants who have already signed up that the Shuttle is a GO and that their booking is confirmed. If a person books a seat for a Live Event then their booking is confirmed immediately.

Once the Shuttle is Live and the booking is confirmed, we will place a hold on all the participants' credit cards based on the current price per seat. The actual charges will be processed on all participants' credit cards 48 hours before the Event Start Time.

Day of the Event:

On the Day of the Event, the Event status will change to Ongoing from the first pickup time to the last dropoff time.

Completed Events:

After the last dropoff time the Event status will change to COMPLETED and taken off the Event listing. The Event will then be added to the Completed Events list in your account profile.

Reward Points :

Upon completion of the Event you, as the Event Manager, and all the participants will receive Reward Points in your respective accounts. For information on Reward Points - award and redemption - please visit About Us.