How To Book Your Own Shuttle

Been thinking of that family reunion for months now? It's a tough challenge to take on when you have to singlehandedly coordinate with everyone, get quotes on the travel, get confirmations from each person and be the one to collect the money and book.

Once you know where you're going, you can get the show on the road in minutes with Pronto Shuttles!

Imagine you're planning a trip to the countryside for wine-tasting with your loved ones. All you have to do is:

  • Choose the winery (or wineries)
  • Pick the date & schedule that works for you
  • Decide the minimum number of people for the shuttle to be a GO. This determines the ceiling for your cost per person, considering you have the whole shuttle to yourself!
  • Set the deadline for sign ups from your family & friends - this deadline determines whether the event is a GO/NO GO.
  • Decide if you want to make it a 'public' or a 'private' event - a public event keeps this visible to anyone and everyone, and could be a great way to make new friends + get more people on board the shuttle!
  • Send invites to your family/friends/neighbours with just a click from the platform via email, Twitter or Facebook!

Once you're done, you'll be able to determine the cost per person based on minimum no. of people, and also determine the the cost reduction once the number of sign ups goes past the minimum amount.

That's all? Almost! Here's a phase-wise idea of how it maps out.

Once you've created the shuttle and the bookings are OPEN

  • OPEN the shuttle for sign ups
  • Send invitations to your list of friends, coworkers, family - using E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter
  • If it's public, you can also send invitations to all other registered ProntoShuttles users from the local community
  • Accept Join Event requests you'll receive from your invitees/other users!
  • Get notified when the Event is a GO (when the number of sign-ups reaches the minimum count)
  • At this point, the platform changes the Event Status from OPEN to LIVE

Once the shuttle is LIVE

  • You can automate shuttle confirmations to all participants signed up during the OPEN booking phase
  • The platform places a hold on each participant's credit card
  • The platform identifies the affiliate operator best positioned to handle your trip
  • It notifies the affiliate operator of the upcoming event
  • And manages the booking until 72 hours prior to the event start time:
  • You receive automated daily / weekly updates to you and all participants
  • And you can also send out automated updates on further cost reduction opportunities - 'We need 4 more people for the cost per person to drop by another 8%'

48 hours before the event

  • You will receive booking confirmation and final details to the affiliate operator
  • You will also receive the final list of participants and final details of the trip.
  • Send a personal message to all the participants

Hours before departure:

  • The platform sends you all the details of the trip, such as the driver's contact details.

Bonus: You and all participants will also receive reward points at the end of your trip! Ready to go?

If you're looking to join a shuttle your friend/family member/neighbour has created instead, you can find out how to do that here.