The Most Rewarding Social Group Travel Program Is Here

Earn Reward Points for each $ you spend with us

For each public event shuttle or crowd-sourced event shuttle trip you take or book with ProntoShuttles, you will be awarded Reward Points, which will be added to your account automatically.

How Are Reward Points Accrued And Redeemed?

When you register with us you will be awarded a Bronze status. As you accumulate more Reward Points, you will attain Silver, then Gold and then Platinum status. As you attain higher status, your Reward Points become more rewarding.

Reward Points (1 point / $1 spent)StatusRedemption Rate / 100 Reward Points
Up to 250Bronze$1.50
251 to 1,000Silver$2.00
1,001 to 2,500Gold$3.00

Don't see an event that interests you? Create your own Event Shuttle Schedule and invite others to join your ride. If your event is a GO, we will reward you with 500 Reward Points. With just 5 event shuttles you create successfully, you will attain a Platinum status and 2,500 points worth $125.00.